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Jon Woodroof (@twotoneams) is at it again, this time on the other side of the Atlantic. You might remember Jon from his Speed Week report last year. Now he and the family are living full time in Amsterdam and he’s been feeling out the race scene. Looks like he’s making an impression. The Google translation from Dutch is pretty fun to read so I left it as is. Original report is in the link to FC Trappist below. Keep up the great work Jon!!
twotoneams wins

To the winner, go the flowers. Photo via

“Eight A’s at the start. No Teun but his fellow terminator Peter. But who has just returned from vacation and hopefully commands his training with bible-like allure that he is in a building phase and today should keep. Lay low Further an American guy that I did see, I think once before but then no pots could break. We ride along with the B’s, but that does not affect the course of the race. After the B’s have been sprint, we continue with eight over. Things happen, but this does nothing to a decision. Until I halfway through the last lap matchless way starter and a sizable gap lettuce. Adieu, fellow Trappists Martje is gone. Look at him; Teun there is a time and not directly the bingo. On the long straight before the last corner I look round again: no cloud in the sky. It is very pleasant because my legs start to run pretty full. Look shortly before entering the curve gleeful once more and see that someone is coming to express it. Holy shit! I wear my legs a bit on, but who refuse rebellious service. I’m not out of the bend or plunges American fury over me where I parting almost pathetic. Afterwards I congratulate him on his victory. I hate like a plug, but keep every inch a gentleman. As I reach out my hand, I look at him again well and see it suddenly clear: a new Teun! A similar physique, the same comet-like development and especially identical insufferable superior smile of young invincibility. I am unable to sleep.”
twotoneams ride home

Packing it home. Photo via

FC Trappist – wielervereniging: eerste nazomerwedstrijd A

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