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Cyclists love mountains. They’re beautiful, they’re painful. We seek them out and accept the challenges they throw down in front of us. We conquer them, over and again, each time they rise up and lash out again. Still there is no more peaceful feeling than cruising the tree lines.

We’ve had a number of great shots pop up on Instagram recently from around the globe and I wanted to share a few of them here. Share yours with us #speedvagenSV MT Norway

Svolvaer, Norway via @rolfenlorentzen

SV MT Norway2

Stord, Norway via @speedvagenist

SV MT Utah

The Wasatch in Utah via @utehopkins

SV MT Diablo

Mt. Diablo in California via @msb2tg

SV MT McKenzie2

McKenzie Pass, Oregon

SV MT Japan

Nobeyama, Japan via @ybs_nobeyama

SV MT Italy2

Near Sauris, Italy via @jobunt

SV MT Koppenberg

The Koppenberg via @passioniciclismo

MarkBayer Mt

@markbayer somewhere beautiful.

Jobunt Dolomites

@jobunt in the Dolomites, Italy.

TinaB Mt Bachelor

@earthquaker4 taking in Mt. Bachelor, Oregon.

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