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Left: Vanilla Road Racer, Right: Speedvagen Road Machine (2013)

My wish for all my bike loving pals. I see you out there on your beautiful race bikes… all from big box companies and they’re great. I’ve ridden them and owned them and I don’t think there’s better to be had. But I think if you love the bike and you are at your best on one, that you’re missing a vital experience if you don’t own at least one modern handmade bike in your life. Especially while you’re committed and fit.

I think I’ve had five handmade frames starting with Medici in the late 80’s… and now with my second Speedvagen, via a couple of amazing Sevens and on the list for a Sachs. There’s just something that happens between you and the bike… and you can only get there this way. With this many folks with the skills polished to make so many kinds of bikes in their shops/garages… if you’re riding from a point of connection, passion, and love…

You owe it to yourself to know this experience. It isn’t a retro experience, it isn’t a recreation of the past. It’s completely modern because what’s personal is always new. If you love the thing, deepen the relationship. And if it’s steel, it will weigh as much as any race legal bike and you’ll feel the road through your hands and feet the way it’s meant to be felt. Trust me, do this.


  1. Well said Noel, now show is a pic of your new speedvagen.

    Comment by Drew — October 11, 2013 @ 7:27 pm    

  2. *US

    Comment by Drew — October 11, 2013 @ 7:28 pm    

  3. Drew, It’s coming. I’m waiting on the Enve wheels to show and … I went big with Campy EPS and immediately stumbled into needing dental surgery for some old broken teeth that need a redo (which will cost me a small car)… so I’m in a life lesson about patience. It’s coming… I’ll send you an email with a frame shot… it’s unreal (the paint).

    Comment by Noel — October 11, 2013 @ 9:30 pm    

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