Mar 28  |  Speedvagen + Leave It On The Road.

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Speedvagen is proud to announce our support for Leave It On The Road. We will be designing and building two custom road machines to carry Michael Tabtabai and Andrew Hudon on their cross country ride to raise awareness for colon cancer screening and prevention. Read more about their ride below.

Check back regularly for photos and video while we document the making of the bikes. You can follow the ride and help them reach their goal by visiting their website.



We’ve both had loved ones affected by cancer. Over the years, we have both found ways to use our bikes to fight back against the disease. This year we have partnered with the Colon Cancer Alliance and The Colon Club in a bid to raise $52,000 to help support cancer patients and fund research to find a cure. Along the way, we aspire to provide hope and inspiration to those battling the disease, along with their families and loved ones. This will be the biggest athletic endeavor we’ve ever undertaken. This time we are going all in. This time, we are leaving it on the road.

Mar 25  |  Trajectory

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Once upon a time there was a boy, and this boy was abducted by Pee-wee Herman disguised as an alien spaceship zoo thing.  The boy then found himself transported through time into the future, where he got to meet young Tiny’s first movie crush, and he didn’t even try to cop a feel.

total babe

 Sandra Bullock would be the only babe to topple her, in The Net

 After that he saw some slimy Jim Henson muppets, went underwater, and probably learned a life lesson or something.  Who knows.  I certainly don’t, because all my detail memories of The Flight of the Navigator have long since been displaced by memories of Sarah’s extreme 1986 foxiness.

Anyway, I have a point here, I promise…


Mar 20  |  2013 Speedvagen Cross Run

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The newest development for the 2013 cross run isn’t on the bike, it’s when we’re building the bikes. Up until this point, we’ve built our Road Racing and Cross Racing Machines in groups of 30. This is a small number in the world of large scale manufacturing, but in our shop, 30 bikes, with the level of detail that each frame gets, is a massive undertaking. Because we love trying new things that help us improve our process, we are going to test a new scheduling model for this batch of cross bikes and our hunch is that we’re going to dig it and that the new method will extend into Road as well. Here’s how we see it going down:

  • We will have three deadlines for deposit: April 1st, May 1st and June 1st.
  • Frames will be built on a rolling schedule, so the earlier your order is in, the sooner you get your bike (assuming we have all of your details confirmed)
  • April orders will be shipped in June/July, May orders in July/August, and June orders will ship in August/September. (Approx 8-10 week turnaround) As of today, we have one slot open for the April build window and a small handful available for May and June.

I asked Sacha to go a little deeper into the Why? Here’s what he had to say:

“There are a lot or reasons that building smaller batches makes sense, chief among those is a quicker turnaround time for racers. When we build a full run of 30  bikes, we basically need to start the process 6 months ahead of time, which isn’t a  big deal, except that in spring, not a lot of people are thinking about what cross bike they want to be racing come September. And something just doesn’t feel right about cutting off orders for the following year’s Road Racing Machines in August. I want for someone to get excited about a Speedvagen in December when they’re thinking about their road season, and call us up and for us to build a bike for them. Period.”

The bikes continue their evolution and get better (sometimes subtly, sometimes by leaps and bounds) each year. Things to know about this batch of mud eating, gravel spitting, barrier destroyers are:

  • We will be offering a carbon fiber seat tube upgrade this season
  • The 2013 color palette includes Milky White, Matte Army and Fluorescent Yellow. And Surprise Me! but we can’t say more.
  • Popular upgrades including the Speedvagen Integrated cross stem, carbon seat post head and Di2 integration will return.
  • We continue spec the best components available from ENVE Composites, Paul Components, Fizik saddles and DT Swiss among others.
  • Bike Rumor did a nice job capturing the 2012 cross machine here if you’re curious

SV12_Purple_Team_SM2 To secure your steed please send an unbridled email to: and we will walk you through the deposit process*.

(*Oh, that’s right, all we need to get started on your 2013 cross machine is a deposit by April 1st.)

Mar 18  |  Stahl + Wenokur

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Coat Paint Shop took two bikes all the way down the component colorwork road this year. The first was a cross machine for Mr. Stahl (below) that found some time on Prolly is Not Probably earlier this year. This is the evolution of our popular Overt paint scheme and, thanks to a couple of really exceptional customers that let us get loose with their Speedvagen, we got to see it out in the world instead of just on a computer screen.

Stahl HT

The second is this purple beauty for Mr. Wenokur. A road machine that brightens the dark and gloomy Portland skies. Notice the way the graphics carry the color striping from the front of the bike to the back. The stripes come over the head badge below, a first for us, over the cups of the headset and around the hubs. You’ll see that the colorwork at the stem, seat mast and head, and main triangle wrap these frames up like neat little packages.

Check out both bikes on Flickr for more photos and details about each.


Mar 12  |  The Campy Build

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The campy build.  A+ Gorgeous, A+ light, and an A+ pain in the cheeks.  Read on, for details…


Mar 11  |  A Fresh Coat Of Paint

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Mr. Lorenz has been racing his matte army green 2011 Speedvagen road machine with his Cable Huston team for the last couple of years. It’s been a great bike for him in fact he liked it so much that he wanted to give it a little makeover for the 2013 season. He had always remembered the first time he saw the 2011 Surprise Me! paint scheme; the color panels stacked on one another, the clean and orderly way it all fit together. So he picked his team colors, orange and blue, and had Coat work up a custom version of that 2011 Surprise Me! scheme.

SV5“I was ready for a change and I wanted something that was both unique and timeless.  This is more than just a bike.  It is my bike.  My reaction when I saw it was that it looked not only refreshed but it looked like a brand new bike.  In fact, I am glad you are doing the blog post because I think my wife still suspects that I bought a new bike.”

CableHustonTeam Kit

This wasn’t going to be just a repaint for Coat though, it would be an opportunity to challenge themselves in a way that they don’t often get to. Each component of the Campagnolo Super Record gruppo, the saddle and bar plugs would be painted to match the orange panels on the bike. One of the signatures of Coat is their component colorwork but they don’t often get projects with such small detail.

Lorenz Paint

After a few paint tests the team got to work. There are 5 stages of detail and a base coat to this paint scheme. We use stencils, not decals, so that’s a lot of cutting stencils, painting, sanding, repeating… Of course, it’s worth it when you see the finished product as a whole bike and everything connects.

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. Check out the finished product below. There are more photos of this bike and all the little details on Coat’s Flickr page too. Time for a refresh? Drop us a line: