Dec 31  |  Vanilla Ice…

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Speedvagen rider Jeff Curtes snapped a few photos during some blustery cold training rides recently.



He’s in snowy icy Wisconsin getting ready for Cross Nationals which are a little more than a week away.



Good luck out there Jeff and stay warm!


Dec 28  |  Happy everything-year.

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IMG_4803vag2102This is me thanking the crew at Vanilla for this little space to try and say what I mean, even when what I mean isn’t anything but what we talk about at coffee. I hope the year brings the strength and grace for all of us to keep growing and braving ourself out of the things that are familiar (That Japan trip looked inspiring). It’s my way of saying that it’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Most of all I hope you’re making friends and ever deepening the conversation on the bike. This year the damn bike was beating me down about finding balance. The bike was a lie detector. If you’re local and reading this… hope to see you tomorrow morning at 7:45 for some chatty flat miles. xoNoel.


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A bike race and beach trip in a converted armored truck? You’d have to be a total dunce to say no to that.

When Sacha invited me along on the Speedvagen team getaway, my very first instinct was to wonder exactly why. I jest, sort of. I mean, I help out a bit here and there as I can with engineery and CAD type stuff, and I’m on the blog (obviously), so I feel like part of the workshop team, but this was a trip for the gold bike team; the race team; the team team. Gift horses and mouths, though, so what I said back was just plain old “yes.”

Anyway, so as not to confuse, this was all back in the distant past; a time of dry ground, clear skies, and ambient temps that I can’t bear to type out now, what with the mercury perpetually hovering in the 40′s and 50′s that we’ll see until next summer. The trip was planned in September, to be executed in October, leaving the Friday before Starcrossed, bound for a beach house in Manzanita, then Marymoor in Seattle, and back home to Portland. In Manzanita, there were plans for an easy afternoon bike ride – an opportunity to shake out everybody’s new equipment and work a little warmth into the legs, interspersed with some photo taking (it is the year 2000-and-internet after all, so photos are a must, right?) – then dinner, then a beach party. In Seattle, there was just one item on the docket; race the piss out of some fast, steel bikes.  Those there are the kind of simple, foolproof plans that every vacation should be so lucky to be constructed upon. I was most excited.

When that Friday morning rolled around, I showed up at the workshop with just two light bags and a bit of a nervous stomach on account of the new folks I’d be meeting. I of course know Tina and all the folks who run the show at Vanilla, and I’d spent a little time at races with Curtes, but I’d only briefly crossed paths with Laura, and Daisuke was a complete stranger to me, with a name I was fairly confident I would mess up. Put emphasis on the “dice” and go really easy on the “u”, right? Would it be super weird since these people were a team, and I wasn’t part of it? Would I regret my decision to tag along?


Dec 20  |  Fighting Jet Lag…

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With 25,000+  flown miles within the past 6 days (SYD>SF>AUSTIN>SF>SYD>SF>CHICAGO), I figured there was no better way to kick the jetlag than by lining up in Chicago Cross Cup’s 2012 Afterglow in downtown Chicago!  I Rolled out the pink SV and put the Super Record 11 to the mud bath!


Perfect conditions and another (second year in a row) great venue, this year in Douglas Park.  Thanks all for the many Speedvagen shoutouts, especially from Todd and the TenSpeedHero crew.



From United Airlines center seat while juggling two groms on the 24 hour mission from Sydney to a 6th place in the Men’s 1, 2, 3 field…bookending the season is on track! Next up another Chicago venue in early Jan…The New Year’s Resolution and then Nat’s!

– Jeff Curtes


Dec 12  |  Gift Ideas for the little ones

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Still struggling for the perfect gift idea for your little ones since we haven’t yet made toddler-sized Speedvagens yet and you cringe at the thought of buying some plastic toy made in China?

In the meantime, get your kid prepped for an amazingly muddy future of cyclocross racing with these limited edition Kids Cross t-shirts!

Made especially for the historically epic Cross Crusades of Oregon, these shirts commemorate the fun of the 2012 Kids Cross season, proudly brought to you by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and Speedvagen Racing Machines. All proceeds from the sale of the shirt ($15) go to fund the BTA and Kids Cross for future seasons. Pick yours up today from!

Remember folks, it’s free for kids to race Kids Cross, but giving back to the source will help guarantee your kid smiling through the mud again next fall.

Dec 7  |  Beauty

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I’m sitting on my couch right now, high as a kite on prescription pain pills.  See, in an effort to finally break free from my track record of absolutely dismal climbing, I’ve gone to great lengths to shed some additional weight for the 2013 season, medically.

I know that polished stainless steel is a hot item these days, but in this case, it was just dead weight


Dec 6  |  In The Shop

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Dec 6  |  Utility Signs – BACK IN STOCK!

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This popular item is now restocked in a limited number,  just in time for the holidays!

Our Utility Sign is laser cut by the same shop who does our dropouts, head badges and other special pieces. The color work is done in five stages by Coat, our paint shop, in Speedvagen’s signature army green, red and baby pink palette. Made to look cool on the wall or random item of your choice, this is make you feel the magic.
- Laser cut from 1/8″ american made hot rolled steel plate
- 8″ wide, 10.5″ tall
- Mounting holes allow for a 1/4″ bolt
- Exact color layout may vary
Order yours now!

Dec 4  |  In the Shop

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