Nov 30  |  Your favorite Vanilla’s…

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…in an attractive easy to hang format!

Green Stepthrough

We’ve restocked a limited number of our popular “All Star” prints. Based upon the beautiful images that Vanilla’s photographer Bob Huff has taken of our bikes, each studio shot has been printed on large (10”x 20”) sheets of gorgeous, raw ¼” planks of northwest fir. We balanced the visual weight of the bicycle with hand painted pin striping by Coat, our in-house paint shop, in signature Vanilla colors. We then accented the design with an actual stainless headbadge, mounted with the same stainless hardware that we use to affix the headbadge to our frames.

Stainless Lugged Track

SS cross in cream

Big Bagged Green Rando

This is the perfect gift for any bike lover, even that bike lover is you. However, there are a limited supply of these prints available, so don’t delay!

Nov 29  |  Favs

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What’s your favorite bike part?

Questions about favorites are tough.  Favorite movie, album, type of noodle, whatever…  All are very difficult to answer, and all generally serve only to launch the askee into frantic list-making mode, followed by his or her acknowledgment that those lists are still likely incomplete or not totally accurate on account of all the things not currently being remembered.  For instance, I would start with Jaws, 36 Chambers, and linguini, but then right away I’d want to correct myself and say Tremors, Labor Days, and those wagon wheel looking mac’n’cheese things, and then I’d quit trying, because it’s impossible, and because I’m a quitter.

The bike part thing, though?  I’ve got that one pinned down.


Nov 26  |  Japan, on the shores of Lake Biwa

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This past weekend brought lots and lots of sand for our Speedvagen racers on the sandy shores of Lake Biwa in Japan. However, when it was all said and done Jeff Curtes ended up blowing away the Mens Cat 2 field with a fine first place finish and Laura Winberry continued her podium streak and notched another 3rd place in the Elite women’s field. Kohei came in 8th and Diasuke Yano came in 24th in the Elite mens race. Congrats everyone! (photo credit to Jeff Curtes and Kei Tsuji)

Also, mad props to these gentlemen who apparently impressed everyone with their hard efforts.

Also, rumor has is that the Speedvagen team also won the “best dressed” category, the American’s won the best cheering and all the kids in attendance won the cutest groms contest…

Nice work everyone.

Nov 23  |  Report from Japan…

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Last weekend was the third annual Nobeyama Cyclocross race in Japan. Our Oregon based riders, Tina Brubraker and Laura Winberry traveled overseas while Jeff Curtes flew up from Australia. They were joined there by fellow Japanese teammates Daisuke Yano and Kohei Maeda.

When the heavy mud finally settled in the elite women’s race, Laura Winberry stood third place on the podium behind top Japanese riders Ayako Toyooka and Sakiko Miyauchi. Tina Brubaker placed fourth.

Laura battling it out for podium positions.

Tina hammering away in the thick mud.

In the elite mens race, Kohei Maeda had a strong tenth place finish.

Congrats everyone for strong racing in what looked like highly demanding conditions!

You can find full race results, photos and reports from

Stay tuned for reports from the second UCI race on the sandy shores of Lake Biwa, Shiga Japan, this weekend.

Until then, enjoy these great photos from Jeff Curtes.

Tina’s got fans all over the globe…

Just like they have at countless Kids Cross races in Oregon, Tina and Laura lead out the kids race in Nobeyama.

Sacha is there to lend a helping hand over the barriers…

Nov 21  |  Over in Japan…

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Over in Japan and all over the world, photographer (and Speedvagen team member) Jeff Curtes takes some amazing photos. He recently sent us a few shots of the team pre-riding the course in Nobeyama, of which I’ll share a few to help get you in that pre-and-post Thanksgiving ride mode. Grab another slice of pumpkin pie and enjoy  (stay tuned for some more detailed accounts of the team’s travels abroad).

Nov 20  |  in the shop

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You can also follow thevanillaworkshop on instagram now

Nov 16  |  Speedvagen Team Trip!

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A bike race and beach trip in a converted armored truck?  You’d have to be a total dunce to say no to that.

(All photos by Jeff Curtes, amazing photographer and Speedvagen racer)

Click through for the story!


Nov 15  |  and they’re off!

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This week, Sacha and the rest of the Speedvagen team packed up their bikes and their bags and flew off to Japan for some racing, making sure to mark the third annual Nobeyama Cyclocross Race off their list while they’re at it. While we’re at the shop, slaving away and waiting on reports of their travels and racing to come back (last year Tina placed third), I’ll share some photos that the BTA snapped of Speedvagen Team riders Tina Brubaker and Laura Winberry, leading out some favorable opponents at last weeks Washington County Fairgrounds Kids Cross race.

When it comes to cross racing in the Pacific Northwest and epic race conditions, last weekend was about as good as it gets.

“I’ve got money on the big kid out front”

PS: They’re definitely a lot cleaner in these photos than they were an hour and a half later.

EDIT: there are some photos slowly leaking in….

Nov 13  |  birthing process

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It’s like a little baby…
After a long, sweaty night or two in the shop, Greg and Sacha celebrate the birth of another run of Speedvagens.

Nov 8  |  Amping up…

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The Workshop has been humming along the past few weeks and getting ready for the bi-annual shop visit of Mike DeSalvo. While Mike generally makes the trip up from Ashland for various reasons, when he comes to Vanilla it generally means one thing… it’s Speedvagen time! We’re getting our ducks in a row and getting ready for marathon sessions of welding… so if anyone has any great music suggestions (albums folks, cause changing songs every three minutes is counterproductive) or favorite long long podcasts, send them our way. We’ll be burning the midnight oil here for a bit.

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