Oct 31  |  In the Shop 10.31.12

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Oct 26  |  Highs and Lows

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*I wrote this guy a while back, but then removed it because it gave away some secrets about the amazing 2012 surprise me cx paint job.  As such, it’s neither current nor very relevant – my shoulder is actually feeling much much better these days – but I spent some precious time making these words, so I’m gonna put them on the internet anyway, damnit!

At the risk of sounding like a whinging baby (I watch a lot of Top Gear, so it’s OK for me to use British words), my shoulder continues to be problematic.  On Sunday September 30th I had to call it quits in the A race at Barlow, and I couldn’t start the single speed race at all.  The bumps that spring forth from the rock hard ground after 3 months with no moisture, they are not friendly to a frail whiner like myself.  Such a classic course; I felt fantastically lame sitting it out.

BUT… (more…)

Oct 18  |  KIDS CROSS!

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We here at Speedvagen are not only proud supporters of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA), but we are also totally stoked to be helping support the Cross Crusade’s ever amazing KIDS CROSS SERIES! (please note, Kiddie Cross was so 2009). This year kids get a certified official KIDS CROSS number when they register and after they cross the finish line at each race, they’ll get a sticker! If your kid races every Kids Cross in the series, they’ll collect every sticker color! BOOM!

As well, we have two races this year. The “A” RACE is for the more experienced and bigger kids (8yrs and older). It’s a longer loop and a little more difficult. For the younger ones, we have the “B” RACE. It’s a shorter easier course for those just gaining their skills on the bike or scoots.

Also, you can purchase a 2012 Kids Cross t-shirt $15 at the BTA Registration tent (all proceeds benefit the BTA) so your kid can show they braved the elements and the barriers of cyclocross. We have sizes from Youth 4-12.

Look for the big Speedvagen armored truck or the BTA tent near OBRA Registration for details!


Oct 16  |  Starcrossed

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Holy crap I’m behind.  Starcrossed was, like, 10 or 100 days ago or something, and I still haven’t written about it!  I blame my dad, who came to visit shortly after, thus providing me with very inadequate computer and internet time.  With him around, I spent the vast majority of my time riding bikes, working on bikes, talking about bikes, knee deep in beer, or any combination of the aforementioned, while my laptop collected dust.  In fact, I even managed to spend a large chunk of time outside while he was here, despite the weather’s best efforts, thanks in part to the fact that my old man brought with him one of those disc road bikes everybody seems so jazzed about for nasty conditions.

Downtube shifters are icing on the cake

Anyway, Starcrossed



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Just in time for the fall rains to return to Portland and the start of another cyclocross season, we’ve restocked on our popular Pit Boot in all sizes!

No longer do you need to fear the mud of the cyclocross course or the local dog park, our Pit Boot has your feet and trouser bottoms covered!

Rugged, stylish, practical, Speedvagen Pit Boots are:

  • -US made
  • -Feature a soft semi-insulated interior
  • -Dual density Sole; the black being ideal for rugged terrain and the red gripping on smooth slippery surfaces (think port-a-potty floor)
  • -B.O.A. rating of 11

If you live locally and you plan on attending Cross Crusade races, just contact us in advance, tell us what size you need and we’ll bring out a pair for you to purchase on the spot. Instawarmdryfeetgratification! Just swing by the team truck parked next to the BTA Kids Cross registration and flag down someone wearing a red hat. We’ll hook you up!

While you’re at it, throw in a pair of wool Speedvagen socks to keep your feet even more toasty!

Oct 12  |  Team Truck – The Process #3

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Putting some finishing touches on the truck, with help from Speedvagen team members and the fine folks at Yakima racks.

Oct 9  |  Team Truck – The Process #2

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Sacha, the Workshop Crew and SV Team rider Laura Winberry putting in the heavy, dirty work on the front cow-catcher and side Speedvagen shields.

Oct 4  |  Team Truck – The Process…

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Bit by bit, parts of our pimped out team truck are coming together. Not only is the whole workshop pulling together to make it happen, but some of our Speedvagen Racing team are lending a hand as well.
Stay tuned for more radness to follow.


Oct 3  |  In the shop… 10.3.12

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We’ve been quite busy here at the Vanilla Workshop with lots of new interesting projects coming together, getting the last remaining Speedvagen Cross Machines out the door and outfitting our racing team with their new set-ups. Busy equals exciting though, especially with Oregon’s upcoming Cross Crusade looming heavily on the calendar.

Look out for our Speedvagen team (in their army green and gold) out on the local courses and throughout the country. As well, if you’re in Oregon…bring your kids out to the Cross Crusade races as our Speedvagen team will be helping with the BTA Kids Cross Series! This year, Kids Cross is fully legit with racing numbers, stickers and t-shirts! Which basically means, your kid is one small barrier away from being pro.

We’re looking forward to an amazing fall – one full of mud, friends, family, fun and yes… bikes! Hope to see you out there enjoying it too.


Oct 2  |  Cher.. just because!

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Cher’s Twats and a buddy/graphic designer to the protour teams Joe’s response. Ahhh, the Cher compund on PCH where the cars are parked on the shoulder so you have to jump into the lane… such a wonderful ray of light she is.