Jan 30  |  the woodsman

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A new cross bike that built for one of most well loved customers. I don’t know if he knows it, but around the shop, he’s known as “the Woodsman”.

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Jan 27  |  Cue singing angels

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Fabrication Marathon: Too much This American Life (though I never thought it was possible), lunches delivered to the shop so we can stay on task, Notorious B.I.G., Kanye West, Leonard Cohen, Pearl Jam (Scott had a hankering), routine maintenance in the paint shop to prepare for the tsunami of racing bicycles that will need hot pink and army green and Vanilla blue and *%$#%  &#%@$&. Black tea with milk and honey, curving, mitering, fitting up and brazing seatstays, enjoying further refinement of our process, being slap-happy. Meeting goals!


Jan 24  |  The Orient Express

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Tina Brubaker has been a long time Speedvagen team rider (and Vanilla before there was Speedvagen). She has raced at the top level in cross and on the road for many many years both here in Oregon and nationally. Tina has been an ambassador for the sport of Cyclocross through mentoring youngsters, and being a positive force in general. She matches Speedvagen’s philosophy of tough, but not so tough that you can’t also laugh at yourself and be good to your competition.

Kind, loyal, foxy, knowledgeable, seasoned, fast. The perfect team member.

She recently went, on invitation, to Japan to race a handful of UCI races there. Here’s a note:


Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to race and represent SpeedVagen in Japan.

Daisuke is doing an amazing job representing your bikes in Japan, their presence is very prevalent. As well, he and his family are truly generous and wonderful people. The public interest in Vanilla/Speedvagen is awesome. My bike was like a rock star over there….and THANKFULLY I made the podium in Nobeyama and go to stand next to the Japanese national champion, so the story has a very happy ending!

I highly suggest going there next cross season if you have a chance. What an amazing country. What amazing people.

You would love it.

Hope all is well for you.



Photos credited to Hideyuki Suzuki. See more here


Jan 24  |  It’s really happening

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In any given run of Speedvagen, there is about 3 months of prep time before the welding torch is finally ignited. 

During the prep phase we are gathering info from owners-to-be, fitting those who are going custom, designing the bikes, ordering materials from 12 different vendors, preparing the worksheets that we follow during the build,  800 miters, thousands of email, millions of sandwiches, endless soft rock, all leading up to a handful of glorious days. These, my friends are those days.


Jan 16  |  It’s that time of year….

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My friends that race masters are showing up on rides with brand new Venges, Madones, SuperSixes… And the newness is pretty cool (and great motivation). Nice to see masters racing so well supported with bikes fom the future.. and these guys train so hard (huge respect). And I think… shoot, I want a new bike too. I look at my 2008 Vagen… it gets ridden in some shape or form nearly every morning (no matter what it doesnt love me back.. so, days are skipped when the woman is up for hanging out). The paint isn’t even chipped in any real way. It looks newish. It feels amazing. I have love with it. And I’d only want another one for my next bike. I’m so screwed with this thing… 3 or 4 years old and we’re just really still playing with each other.