Sep 23  |  Hiring

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Hey all,

Vanilla is looking to hire a p/t-f/t mechanic. There will be wheel building, tubular gluing, frame prep (facing, chasing, frame-savering, head-badging), New bike builds, packing and shipping bikes and small parts (apparel etc.) and wrenching for the team at cross races.


Sep 22  |  Hot.

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I’d love to write, “gets it” but I can’t because it opens up a can of worms. You like some things, I like some things, we like some things… but “gets it” is tough because the folks that get it, already get it and it isn’t verbal. The folks that don’t get it don’t know that it exists or get other things, so it doesn’t matter… and the ones that are hurt by it have other issues to the extent that you can’t even have the conversation with them, because it becomes some sort of insult or rejection. And so, the folks that have the light on inside will seek it out and walk down the path propelled by their own curiosity… or something like that. Point is… I see one and I feel happy about it. I ride one and I feel that same thing.

*the photo is poached from the Vanilla Flickr. Doh!

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Another Track Star, by Yohei Morita

Sep 9  |  Monuments to the tiny.

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I had this random desire to Google-Map and street-view the sidewalk where I rode my bike for the first time sans training wheels. I still dream about coming up on the corner at the end of the sidewalk and not being able to brake, throwing the bike into the hedges and eating sh*t. Probably my first moment of absolute terror and delight at velocity. Steep technical descents evoke the same exact feeling (with hopefully different outcomes). I want you to do the same for yourself. Go find the street view of your first ride. It means something. 1969, Baltimore. From the red spot at the speed limit sign to the corner… with a crash so important to me that it has its own neural pathway. Where’s yours?