Jun 23  |  I’m guessing

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that Sacha and company have been busy making bikes, and you know blogging is funny. I’m sensitive to overstaying my welcome by over-posting and at the same time enjoying an interweb drama free life. Poking people to make content gets silly.

I like to see how guys set up their bikes, I think its kind of a representation of their sensibilities and even in some ways suggests something about how they ride the thing. The bike becomes personal and specific to you once its set-up. I’ll set-up an email account and maybe some of you can send me some shots of your new bikes all set-up and broken in… and I’ll slap some up here.
Can I rant? As I’ve been tickling back into riding the bike post hernia/nerve stuff…. I’ve been doing slow rides up the coast. Just zone 2, not racing, not training, just trying to feel connected again and to heal up…. and I’ve noticed that folks like to jump on my wheel. They never ride up and say hi or introduce themselves or ask if I want company…. and you know… usually I don’t want a stranger on my wheel on a road like PCH because I like life and love time alone on the bike.
Even riding with a handful of friends, folks jump on and get offended when one of us says, ‘hey, we’re just riding easy with some familiar faces and would love to just not turn it into a group ride… Sorry, but if you don’t mind….’.
Truth is, if someone rode up and said, ‘mind if i join you’ or ‘can i sit in’…. they’d be welcomed and asked to sit on back and enjoy the ride (and not pull through). I hope that doesn’t sound snobby because it doesn’t come from that place. It’s really crazy these days out there with all the cars and texting and folks riding sometimes over their heads or with all kinds of fitness and no clue. It just seems to me that we used to approach other riders with some dignity rather than assuming we’re racing each other. The little moments of etiquette communicate that you’re aware enough of what you’re doing that you’re not going to do something that gets someone killed. Self preservation is a lovely thing, and little things like asking-on or letting a group ride by you without feeling like you have to jump on…. these are good things. Riding on some smooth familiar wheels is a state of grace.
Is it just me?

Jun 21  |  Speedvagen: Sizing and Geometry

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Every Speedvagen frameset includes the frame, an ENVE carbon fork, and Ritchey seat post head. Each Speedvagen, stock and custom, includes a seatmast sized specifically for you.

Stainless steel is a functional design element used on every Speedvagen as well. You will find it in high-wear areas including inside and outside of the dropouts, bottle bosses, Di2 contact points, on the seatmast collar and  the front derailleur collar on the carbon seat tube upgrades.

General Frame Specs:

  • Brake bosses on cross bikes are Paul specific
  • Front derailleur mounting: Braze-on for road with a steel seat tube. 31.8 clamp for road and cross with carbon seat tube. 28.6 clamp for cross with a steel seat tube.
  • Uses a standard 1 1/8″ headset
  • 130 mm rear spacing for geared
  • 135 mm rear spacing for single speed
  • 68 mm English bottom bracket

Geometry :

STOCK: Stock frames come in increments of 2cm, from 48 to 62cm. Detailed measurements and angles can be found in the charts below.

SEMI-CUSTOM: When it comes to the semi-custom, we lengthen (or shorten) the head tube to help get the handlebar to the right height and raise (or lower) the top tube to keep things proportional with the headtube length. Both of these will help in giving you the right saddle to bar drop without too many, or too few spacers.

FULL CUSTOM: A full custom Speedvagen is where we can really dial in the proportions for the individual  and make a bike that will be perfectly balanced for you. Every measurement, cut and angle is made to fit your exact specifications. A custom Speedvagen includes a fit session here at the Workshop with Sacha.

The frame is designed from the ground up just for you and not based on any template. Custom measurements and adjustments include top tube length, seat tube length and angle, head tube length and angle, top tube stand over height, fork rake and relationship to head tube angle for stability or “twitchiness” chain stay length for balance, bottom bracket drop optimized for the type of riding and/or racing you will be doing.





Please Note: Suggested saddle height range is meant to be a guide for finding the right sized bike.  The actual range of saddle height adjustment, once the seatmast length is set, will be about 15mm.

Jun 21  |  Speedvagen: Ordering Information

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 “For me, as a builder, Speedvagen is less about ‘pursuit of craft’ and more of a precise execution of a design.” – Sacha White

Below you’ll find more information about Speedvagen Road and Cross Machines including: components, paint options, build schedule, cost and how to order. Sizing information and geometry charts have their own page HERE.

Every Speedvagen frameset includes the frame, an ENVE 2.0 carbon fork, and Ritchey seat post head. Each Speedvagen, stock to custom, includes a seatmast sized specifically for you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 503-233-2453, or connect via email: info@speedvagen.com


We would prefer to build you a complete bike. It is our experience that the highest level of customization and performance can be obtained when we see your bike through its final test ride. It’s during the final build process that we can tweak the most minute details and dial-in the finishing touches, creating a true racing thoroughbred.


We offer two kit levels and your choice of gruppo within that kit. Many of the components that we’ll feature on your bike are from companies who sponsor the Speedvagen cross race team. We’ve chosen them for our team and for you because they offer performance and good value, but most of all, because they are companies that we respect for doing things the right way; companies we can stand behind. Our components are priced to be competitive with online vendors but come with a level of expertise and special services like integrated color work on hubs and stems and the immaculate wheel builds that the Vanilla Workshop is known for. The result is value that comes not just from price, but from being taken care of.

There will be two complete bike options derived from what the Speedvagen Racing Team is riding this season. The kits will include parts from ENVE, DT Swiss, Chris King, Fizik and Paul to name a few. The gruppo option will be left open for the customers and will include top offerings from Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM. Your choice of kit will be laid out clearly for you aong with sizing and color when we get closer to production.

Paint Options:

Speedvagen gets a new color palette for each year with 4 graphic schemes to choose from. Within the color options we like to embody the different personalities of a race bike. So, for example, one selection will be classy and subdued, one racy and Euro, the third will have a hot rod/garage flavor. The fourth is “Surprise Me!”. Always a favorite and always a surprise, No Hints – No Regrets. Frames painted with the Surprise Me! option will carry a price increase of between $0 and $800 depending on the complexity of the graphic work and number of colors.


2012 Surprise Me! Cross

Build Schedule:

We are taking orders for Speedvagen Road and Cross machines now.



Call or Email Jenn Levo for details.

503-233-2453, info@speedvagen.com


How to Order:

When you are ready to order we ask that you send a deposit of $1000 to:

Vanilla Bicycle Co. 1711 SE Powell Blvd. Portland, OR 97202

A couple of months before our scheduled delivery date we will contact you to work through color and graphics selection, component kit and sizing choices. We will ask for final payment on the balance of your frame set or complete build at that time. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.



You can see more Speedvagen photography on our Flickr page or go a little deeper with the 2013 Cyclocross Lookbook.

The Speedvagen Road 2014 Lookbook will be available August 2013. 

 Shirts, Caps, Team Kits, Limited Edition Prints and More are available in The Vanilla Bicycles Store

Jun 4  |  Truthiness and trying not be that guy.

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Its hard to blog about anything because nothing is better than just riding or finding stuff out for yourself. I would never try to review something for you because its all subjective and personal and frankly I much prefer folks figure out what they like for themselves and then say why.. because critical thinking is sexy and I’m nothing special. That being said, when a product keeps my eggs snug to my person and yet still allows my taint to feel connected to and in communication with the saddle, without feeling abused or sanded or like a petri dish… I gotta say something.
Because there’s been too many times that my balls have flipped to funny places (you ever sit on one of your own after a jump out of the saddle?) and too many times that I feel like I’m sitting on something like a baby’s head (too thick) or a wet paper tower (too porous).
What I am saying is: Rapha shorts are amazing. I love them. I gotta abstract and generalize that I think you will too. If you’re patient you can find them ten or twenty percent off… otherwise… spend the 210. Really. Plus, I’m still in recovery mode from surgery and feel like a fat pig and you know… they’re slimming… Especially at coffee. And they’re cut the right length in the legs and over the stomach. And the shoulders lay smooth. I could go on.