May 18  |  Satori.

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The key to happiness is having skinny friends with excellent taste and enough Coke to get you home.

May 12  |  Museum Opening afterparty

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The Museum show is all dialed in and the opening is tonight at 6:00. All the builders are in town Including myself and Jeff Jones from Oregon, Mike Flannigan, Richard Sachs and Peter Weigle from the east coast. Even Pegoretti came from the motherland (awesome).

Friend and NYC Velo owner Andrew Crooke is hosting the after party tonight at his shop. Beer will be flowing courtesy of Kelso of Brooklyn (pal Hott Sam is Head Brewer).

Beer, Bikes, Builders. Is that what people mean when they talk about the three b’s?

Well hope to see you there!


May 10  |  In New york

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I started talking with Michael Maharam nearly two years ago about an idea for a museum show featuring independent builders. Michael and his textiles company Maharam are well know and respected in the design world and I sought his advice for the right outlet for such a show. He thought that MAD (the Museum of Art and Design) in NYC’s Columbus circle would be the perfect venue and that he’d like for us to work together on bringing such a show to life.

Fast forward 20+ months, a super talented group of Architects, Graphic designers, Metalworkers, copywriters, Photographers/ filmmakers, project managers, ┬áthousands of email, a handful of trips for me to the Big Apple and atleast 1 very strained phone conversation and the show is opening…. Tomorrow!

This is the front and back of the promotional cards that went out.


May 1  |  First of the road machines

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