Apr 28  |  Haze of vicodin, a visual poem.

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All these things on my mind.

Apr 20  |  Speedvagen in Japan

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A pal sent this NAHBS coverage from Bicycle Club a Japanese cycling mag. I have no idea what it says, but I’m digging the layout, the colors and the way that they packed in lots of different elements of what we brought to represent our world at the bike show. (more…)

Apr 17  |  So hot right NAU

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Cool that NAU is featuring people from their community to show their latest line. Check it out on the NAU site.

p.s. notice the cap matches the matte army on the bike? Way to accessorize Ramseys!

Apr 16  |  I kinda suck

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lately. I’ve been spinning in my head about not being ten pounds lighter (where I look elfin and sickly)and not riding a program or a schedule and not doing intervals. Like it matters or something. And you know, I don’t even go to work until about 2 in the afternoon, so I have the day right there and PCH right there and there’s always good weather.. and I so eventually get over it.

How whacked out is it to lose your center and forget that just being able to ride a little bit every day and to have pretty bikes and great friends that also ride beautifully is the exact place to try and get to? I spend all my time trying to set up a situation where I am trying to get somewhere, when I’m already there.

On Saturdays I put up a message on facebook to invite a few guys out to ride. Dare I call them curated rides? *laughs* Two Saturday’s ago the exact perfect 7 guys showed up. Everyone knew exactly when and how to be themselves, and all the smartness and smoothness and suppleness was just there in gobs and mounds and life as I know it was perfect.

Tomorrow is Saturday again… I win. I hope you do too.

Apr 14  |  Shop buildout

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We’ve been working on moving Vanilla under the same roof as Coat (our paint shop) for about three weeks now. One big reason is so that I can be present with both businesses and both sets of employees. Process and efficiency is a big deal, especially when you get in to runs of bikes (Speedvagen) where instead of doing one thing slowly and kind of wading our way through it, we might be doing that same operation 30-40 times. Extra time on that one operation x 30 makes something that was once comically slow with one bike into a huge drag on the overall goal… getting bikes to their owners. This is the kind of thing that I never fully grasped until I started doing batches. Anyhow, this kind of thinking; looking at every little  step and breaking it down and refining it is something that  we are looking at daily and having everyone in the same place gives us a better connection which will make the whole situation more healthy. (more…)

Apr 7  |  I like to

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ride around the parking garage and stare at it. My record is a full minute before crashing into a parked car. You stop riding a program and your goals change. Its a weird relationship, love is like that.

Apr 6  |  Tuesday in the (paint) shop

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Apparently Wednesday is the day that I clean my camera lens. Hey, a construction zone is a dusty zone… (more…)

Apr 4  |  Taking Easter Food to 11

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Peep sushi. Fruit roll up nori? Rice crispy treats for rice? raw marshmallow bunnies and chicks? Si!

My families midnight creations. Bound to be a favorite at easter brunch.

Have a great day, all!


Apr 1  |  THURSDAY IN THE (paint) SHOP: red all over

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Spent some time catching up with Coat and wanted to share some SV photos with y’all. Because each block of color, each stripe, each word and logo on the 2010 road Speedvagen is masked and painted on (think stencil), this paint scheme has a ton of masking….a test of skill and patience. Maybe we should change Coat’s name to “The Monastery”.  The Monastery… errr..Zen paint haus?.. Ok, that was just a first stab. Anyhoo Eric, Glenn and Patrick at COAT have been doing an awesome job. Huge thanks to those guys.

The details below include custom paint work on the DT hub shells*, masking the underside and non drive blade of a fork to receive panels and graphics, airbrush cleaning in action and a bunch process shots and shots of finished celery and red Speedvagen. Yes!

Hope all is well out there.


* note: The hubshells wil eventually get a matte clear. The scuff marks are there from pre-graphics app. sanding

Apr 1  |  TA is 52.

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One of the joys of living right smack on the line between Santa Monica and Venice is Tony Alva sightings. I know this doesn’t relate to anything here, but it relates to everything with regards to staying at it. So, I thought i’d slap these up. It inspires (me) to push. Maybe you too?

For me, Tony fits in this long list of guys that made it by being specifically who they are. Brice Marden, Bruce Nauman, Cy Twombly, Richard Sachs, Ed Ruscha, Ray and Charles Eames, Jay Adams, Francesco Moser, etc,…. and in that sense I think what the Speedvagen crew is up to as well. Its never easy to commit to your own voice.