Mar 30  |  Ladies and Gentlemen Ira mf’ing Ryan

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Mar 30  |  MONDAY IN THE (new) SHOP

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We’re building out a new shop space. It’s in the same space that Coat (our paint shop) has been in for the last three years. This will be …scratching my head… my  5th shop. The evolution; the improvement that can only come from experience is something that I get very excited about. five or ten years ago, I had no idea about layout, process, creating the kind of space that I want to welcome our visitors into. Being able to take what we’ve done with the space before and giving ourselves a chance to do it better. It’s, well, deeply satisfying.

I asked Eric (Coat’s head painter) if he had any concerns. His response: “It’s not nearly janky enough”. I interpret that as us heading in the right direction (smile)


Mar 29  |  Narcissism and seat stays.

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I hate to admit that I’m sad that I can’t ride behind myself and perv the seat stays because I love that part of the bike. So wrong…. to form an emotional attachment to tubes. Isn’t it? I can’t wait to see you guys with your new bikes.

*all these photos are from Paolo at he just showed up hanging out of a car window in the middle of a ride, until the car overcooked a turn descending Decker. After that, his ass stayed in the car.

Mar 26  |  Thursday In The Shop

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Good Coffee, another day at the shop for my shaggy brown boy, Metalwork,  Solid co-workers that make me proud to be a  boss. Awesome.



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Rapha’s design sense, their tasteful branding, Beautiful color palettes, their story telling… it’s all great. They continuously find new ways to connect with cycling public and pluck the heart strings that folks didn’t even know that they had. Both Rapha and Vanilla have wanted to work closely on a project for several years. We’ve been holding off until the right something special came along and I’m happy to say that this is the year.

Starting this cross season we’re expanding on our decade old Vanilla/Speedvagen cross team to include Rapha as title sponsor. The Speedvagen-Rapha team will focus on a full national schedule this year with 4 pros and their mechanics on the road September through December. I’ll be traveling to work for the team about half of the time and Scott will likely hit a couple of weekends, too.

I’ll share complete details in a couple of weeks, but wanted to show some pictures now. This is the new Speedvagen Team Issue Cross Machine (flying the 2010 team colors). The first several shots are from NAHBS and show the cross team display and kit (thanks Carlos!). The rest were shot today before the bike was disassembled to be shipped off to it’s pilot. Pardon the adult language, but I fucking love these colors together:

Notice the cross specific stem with internal brake routing. This is something that we’re making with Edge Composites. The production version will be available to the masses shortly. Maybe we should have a trade in policy for clunky machined cable hangers…



p.s. I know that the mannequin in the first photo looks kind of soft, but as the one that dressed him let me assure you the he is r-i-p-p-e-d


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Mar 22  |  That day.

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There’s that day. The day you finally crack that guy. That guy who always can push himself a little deeper than you. The one that always kicked your ass, even when you were still racing and he’d moved on.
There’s that day, even though you’re a little soft, that you drop everyone in the first k of the climb and you’re isolated with that guy, and you crack him… because you didn’t care anymore about what would happen when you really just committed to hurting yourself and being ok with passing out if you had to. That day was this winter. That was a great day.


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My tool board with frames hanging above. In the center is my shadow box (is there another name?) The shadowbox has photos of my family, my heroes, chunks of metal that are significant, my trumpet mouthpiece, etc. The Sticker on the side is from Dot’s Diner, my favorite breakfast spot in Boulder, (where I grew up).

Mar 19  |  Short Documentary

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Dicky Dahl spent a couple of days with me recently to make a short film for an Independent Film Channel series about people who make things (you know… like me). It was a pleasure working with him and his crew. The edited IFC version can be seen  here on VIMEO

I’d like to hear what you think!



Mar 18  |  Learnin’ Out Loud.

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I learned something new online. There’s a way to solve that age old problem of not wanting to have to wear clean bibs. All you gotta do is rock your undies. Now, I don’t know how the underwear itself functions to keep bibs clean… or why a guy with 10k invested in his bike can’t pony-up for some more shorts… but I do know I’m trying it and reporting back to you. Actually, I’m deconstructing it. I like washing my bibs but hate cleaning my undies… so…
*jazz hands and out.
Too mean? I hope not… if you’re out there and reading this, Imma get you with a little quote from Charlotte Perriand, “Too much hygiene can kill you”… except your bibs. Wear clean bibs.

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