Feb 27  |  Really.

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Feb 26  |  Tricky

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Feb 25  |  Mike

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Feb 25  |  Snot-Bubble Delivery System

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Feb 24  |  Road Vagen 2010

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Feb 22  |  Workshop Family Portraits

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Feb 22  |  Tuna Canyon.

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Tuna, Malibu, iPhone for proof. Sometimes those days alone on the thing are so good, you almost can’t imagine they were real *unless you take a snap and post it somewhere.

Feb 21  |  Research project… and My Kid’s new bike

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I built this bike for my daughter Delilah. She’s the same one that I built the trike for 4+ years ago.

This bike (like the green one on the Vanilla site) was built with the goal of creating true, lasting transportation for a kid that get around by bike.

Because of the large wheels, and the particular geometry of the frame, the bike will be able to grow with the kid for around 5 years. Right now, it’s set up in it’s smallest configuration with the saddle bottomed out, 140mm cranks, a 50mm quill stem and swept back bars. As the owner grown, the cranks can get longer, the saddle height and setback greater, the stem longer and the bar can change to a flat bar, or a drop, or moustach bar.

I have dreams of refining this model and building a small batch of them in stock sizes a couple times a year for other kids in families that get around by bike.

Check out the rest of the photos on the Vanilla workshop Flickr page



Feb 19  |  Welcome To Speedbloggen

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From everyone at the Vanilla Workshop – Welcome at last to our blog. Speedbloggen is news, events, insights, interviews, profiles, photography and stories from the Vanilla Workshop. Which includes Coat, Vanilla and, of course, Speedvagen. We hope you enjoy this closer look at our work and collaborations, as well as our friends, family and customers.

At the moment, we’re working on our latest run of Road Machines due for completion in early spring, preparing for NAHBS in Richmond and getting ready to begin work in early May on our first ever run of Track Machines.

Speedvagen has become a major focus of the Vanilla Workshop, and as such, we’d like start Speedbloggen off with a look into the process of building a run of Machines. But first, images from a recent build session with guest Mike DeSalvo.