Sep 16  |  Zaaldercross

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Portland! You have something awesome to do this weekend and it is called Zaaldercross.

mwcc-cx-19jul14-3099 curtes

Rebound/Tireless Velo is proud to bring an updated version of their Zaandercross race for 2014. Gone are the long sandy stretches that made that race so popular/unpopular. We have been able to acquire a stunning new venue, Alderbrook Park, with all the challenges, terrain, and amenities for a great cyclocross race. Once again part of the GP series of races we invite you to come out see what we’ve put together. Expect lots of twisty grass and treed sections, several punchy climbs, stairs, power gravel grinding, and a little tiny bit of sand. Also, expect a great atmosphere and a great place to spend the day with the family.

Once again there is a raffle and once again all proceeds go to benefit the amazing work of P:ear. P:ear builds positive relationships with homeless & transitional youth through education, art & recreation to affirm personal worth and create more meaningful & healthier lives.

Last year we were able to raise $5000 to aid P:ear in their efforts.  Help us to double that this year by buying a $5 raffle ticket! You could win one of our Speedvagen Integrated CX stems!! You don’t even need to be present to win, but you should be.

Now you can purchase tickets via PayPal: 

Please include number of tickets you would like, your Name and Email. You know, in case you win.

 Speedvagen_Black_Stem 0057

Sep 11  |  Our House

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[Speedvagen Family Racing teammate Laura Winberry is taking a short hiatus from her MFA in writing and will be guest posting all season. Look for haikus, shorts and the occasional race report from her to be accompanied by photos from teammate Jeff Curtes.]

It’s (all) About Time

The season has begun, is beginning.

Folks emerge from the woodworks near and far, relatives gathering for a holiday, only it isn’t about blood because family’s where you find it. In the still hot days just before leaves turn to gold, in the final pieces of all that is summer, a tribe painted in lycra and odd tan lines comes together.

These are our people. 

And Speedvagen is our family.


How long is one minute?

Jeff sat at a ninety degree angle for sixteen-hours, from Australia to Vancouver to Portland. Daisuke and Hama—ten hours from Tokyo, after three out of Nobeyama. Brennan and I drove up from Bend, which took a little over three. For Tina, about the same. The point is this: many hours of travel have transpired in order for us to be here, at Vanilla, at this very minute. There are also the (countless) hours of preparation that have gone into it all, and by all I mean the kits, the shoes, the helmets, the logistics, the sponsors and, of course, the bikes

What would it all be without the magic of the bike, of these bikes? A gathering of really sweet folks, indeed; but what we’d be doing with our time, I’m not quite sure. Running in circles in padded shorts perhaps.


But add a little gold here, a stripe of revolver blue there, and we have a convergence of beautiful bikes, with beautiful people to match. (And I’m not talking supermodel beautiful. I’m talking thick laughter kind of beautiful. I’m talking people with the same kind of heartbeat beautiful; vivid, authentic, offbeat; gritty, wild, solid beautiful.). Which is exactly what happened this past Saturday morning, after so many long minutes of travel and preparation and caring about something, when the entire Speedvagen team gathered at the Vanilla Workshop in order to experience the start of ‘cross season together.






Christmas! (or Chanukkah and/or) in September!

It’s not about the gifts. It’s about who you are with.  At least that’s what someone older than you probably told you when it came to receiving presents. At age 9, it sounded like bullshit; really, that person was right. But I’ve covered the “who you are with” base, so now it’s time to talk gifts. Sort of. What I mean to say is: now it’s time to give you an idea for how we exchange gifts in our Speedvagen family, as it’s the reason for all of the hours and minutes and all of the everything you read through earlier in this post. It’s simple—we come together. We do not receive our kits in the mail. Our bikes do not arrive disassembled in boxes. We do not do this alone. And I can tell you, after having seen the faces and felt the presence of each one of my teammates family members yesterday morning, early sun streaming in through an open garage, coffee and embraces and howyoubeens abounding, the way that we exchange gifts, the way we open our season, the way we do things—is what it’s all about. An entire workshop of creatives has labored, crafted, honed, perfected, and paid attention in order to make such a morning come to fruition.   


And the morning was: in the flesh, which we borrow for only so long, about being eye to eye and hearing voices and stories from, literally, around the world. The morning was a familial introduction to our racing machines, and the point in time when we got the privilege of seeing Sacha’s face soften from we’re overworked to this makes sense and this feels so damn good.  Just like Christmas (and/or) we got to see one another’s expressions, revel in detail together, even cry a little. Then we all took our very first pedal strokes, down the block and through the roundabout, on the magic gold bikes that will continue to take us through it all. And by through it I mean through it, not around.

Thank you to everyone. Greasy knuckles, calloused hands, paint splattered faces, legs tired from standing—we know you’re out there and you’ve made the world of bikes a better place. Thank you.   

Sep 4  |  Ladies’ ‘Cross Skillz!

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The Speedvagen Family Racing Team presents:

24_SVCali_Curtes_0003A FREE women‘s skills clinic for ALL ages and abilities. Technique, tricks, strategy, form, fit and your questions answered.Plus, complimentary Vanilla t-shirts for the first 11 ladies that arrive!

We love racing cross, it’s who we are, it’s what we train for all year. And it’s Super Fun! But ‘Cross isn’t the kind of thing we can just keep to ourselves, so each season we make it a point to share our decades of racing knowledge and stories with as many great people as possible.
This clinic is a perfect primer for the season whether you’re brand new to cross or a long time racer looking for a refresher. You’ll learn to ride smarter, transition faster, and be more aware of the race around you. And just one day before a double race weekend too!
Friday, September 12th – 6:00pm – 7:30pm 
North Boulder Park, Boulder, CO
If you’re racing the US Open on Saturday meet us at Vecchio’s afterwards and let us know how it went. Bring your questions too, the whole team will be on-hand.

Sep 4  |  Speedvagen Family Racing Schedule, 2014/15

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*September 6th – GPRT Het Meer – Portland, OR

*September 7th – Fazio Farms – Portland, OR

*September 13th – US Open of Cyclocross – Boulder, CO

*September 14th – Boulder Cup – Boulder, CO

September 20th, 21st – CXC Trek Cup – Waterloo, WI

*The Cross Crusade: Featuring Kid’s ‘Cross Daily 9:00am – 2:00pm (Full Schedule Here)

October 11th & 12th – Alpenrose Dairy – Portland, OR

October 19th – PIR at Heron Lakes – Portland, OR

October 26th – Washington Co. Fairgrounds – Hillsboro, OR

November 1st & 2nd – Deschutes Brewery (Halloween!) – Bend, OR

November 9th – PIR Infield – Portland, OR

November 16th – Barton Park – Barton, OR

November 1st – Rapha Super Cross Sydney – Sydney, Australia

*November 8th – Oregon State CX Championships – Troutdale, OR

November 23rd – Kansai Cross – Japan

*November 29th & 30th – Rapha Super Cross Nobeyama – Nobeyama, Japan

*November 30th – Nobeyama Kid’s ‘Cross (KX) – Japan

*January 8th – 12th – Cross Nationals – Austin, TX

*Three or more team members will be racing here.

Sep 3  |  Boulder Bound!

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The Speedvagen Family Racing team is coming to Boulder next week for a team training camp and some early season racing. But, we’re bringing more than just our legs to Colorado.

Cyclocross is at the heart of Speedvagen and The Vanilla Workshop. The first bikes Sacha built for himself and his teammates 15-years ago were all for cross racing and the first Speedvagen he built as a prototype was, you guessed it, a single-speed cross bike. As with others who love the sport, it’s who we are and it’s what comes naturally to us. We love to race cross, and we want to share it with everyone we meet.

Kid’s ‘Cross, skills clinics and course building are just a few of the ways that the Speedvagen Family Racing team gets their hands dirty before the racing ever begins. That’s why in Boulder, Portland, Nobeyama and Austin this year we’ll be creating unique opportunities for the team to introduce people to the sport of cyclocross and feed the fire in those that have already discovered it. Look for the women’s skills clinic at North Boulder Park in Boulder, the Kid’s ‘Cross series at the Cross Crusade and Blind Date at the Dairy in Portland, youth and adult skills clinics around Japan and in Austin.

Below is a schedule of what we’ll be doing and where you can find us! If it’s got an asterisk (*) then it’s a team-only deal but we hope to meet tons of new folks at all of the other events in Portland and Boulder next week!!

*Sept 6th – Speedvagen-ology at The Vanilla Workshop – Portland, OR
Sept 6th – Het Meer Race – Portland, OR
Sept 7th – Fazio Farms Race – Portland, OR
*Sept 8th – Sponsor Visit: Castelli Cycling – Portland, OR
*Sept 9th – Sponsor Visit: ENVE Composites – Ogden, UT
Sept 10th – 8:00am Wednesday Worlds – Boulder, CO (Ouch! So early!)
Sept 11th – 5:30pm Rodeo Adventure Labs Group Ride – Boulder Cycle Sport South (Parking lot)
Sept 12th – 6:00pm Women’s CX Skills Clinic, North Boulder Park, Boulder, CO
Sept 13th – US Open of Cyclocross - Boulder, CO
Sept 13th – 6:00-9:00pm PARTY! at Vecchios Bicicletteria + Special Event!
Sept 14th – Boulder Cup Race at Valmont Cross Park

Full Season Schedule Is Available HERE!

Aug 20  |  A Murder Of Crows Cross Clinic

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Join the Speedvagen Family Racing team for the best cross clinic on the planet! or at least in Central Oregon. All levels and abilities welcome means that if you’re new to cross this is a solid investment. And, if you’ve got a few years under your belt this is the place to figure out where you can make up a little time with energy saving strategy and techniques to make sure you keep something in the tank for the last lap!


Aug 7  |  Going Fast In Amsterdam

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Jon Woodroof (@twotoneams) is at it again, this time on the other side of the Atlantic. You might remember Jon from his Speed Week report last year. Now he and the family are living full time in Amsterdam and he’s been feeling out the race scene. Looks like he’s making an impression. The Google translation from Dutch is pretty fun to read so I left it as is. Original report is in the link to FC Trappist below. Keep up the great work Jon!!
twotoneams wins

To the winner, go the flowers. Photo via

“Eight A’s at the start. No Teun but his fellow terminator Peter. But who has just returned from vacation and hopefully commands his training with bible-like allure that he is in a building phase and today should keep. Lay low Further an American guy that I did see, I think once before but then no pots could break. We ride along with the B’s, but that does not affect the course of the race. After the B’s have been sprint, we continue with eight over. Things happen, but this does nothing to a decision. Until I halfway through the last lap matchless way starter and a sizable gap lettuce. Adieu, fellow Trappists Martje is gone. Look at him; Teun there is a time and not directly the bingo. On the long straight before the last corner I look round again: no cloud in the sky. It is very pleasant because my legs start to run pretty full. Look shortly before entering the curve gleeful once more and see that someone is coming to express it. Holy shit! I wear my legs a bit on, but who refuse rebellious service. I’m not out of the bend or plunges American fury over me where I parting almost pathetic. Afterwards I congratulate him on his victory. I hate like a plug, but keep every inch a gentleman. As I reach out my hand, I look at him again well and see it suddenly clear: a new Teun! A similar physique, the same comet-like development and especially identical insufferable superior smile of young invincibility. I am unable to sleep.”
twotoneams ride home

Packing it home. Photo via

FC Trappist – wielervereniging: eerste nazomerwedstrijd A

Jul 24  |  Cross Down Under [Updated]

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Down under the cross season is well under way, in fact the New South Wales state championships is coming up next Sunday! Speedvagen Family Racing team member and photographer, Jeff Curtes, splits his time between Sydney and Portland giving him the best of both worlds and an extra long cross season, May – January!!

mwcc-cx-19jul14-3270 curtes

Right now he’s putting his head down and gritting his teeth preparing for a kick ass season in the states. And its working, he took home a top ten in the Elite A’s at the Manly Warringah Cycling Club event last weekend. This is what he had to say;

“Fast and dry and super fun course.  Had a great start and rolled top 5 for first half lap and then dropped my chain in traffic at a slow spot…lost 5 guys and the chase was on!  Love that. “

Next week he’ll make the 3-hour trip to Newcastle for the state championships. With a podium step in his sites for the masters A race we know Jeff, and the rest of the team, is going to be in top form this season.

It’s tough to get shots of Jeff racing because he’s usually the one taking the photos. Many thanks for Joshua Nicholson at Riding Focus for these shots of our man in Australia taking it to 11!

mwcc-cx-19jul14-3099 curtes

State Champs Race:

Just back from newcastle…2nd in masters… It was a battle though…super good racing. I got caught in huge crash on start chute on pavement and went down hard…bloodied but machine was still fine and i mounted and chased through the field…caught the leader and took turns for 4 laps on front…was playing it smart and had my move planned in end but blew a tubular  and rode the flat in….darn! 

Full report from Australian CX Magazine here!



Jul 18  |  Thee Annual Vanilla Workshop Garage Sale!

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Portland: It’s back!

Grab all of your riding buddies and come join us for lots of great deals on new and used frames, accessories, components and apparel.

We have lots of stuff to blow out and plenty of one-of-a-kind pieces too.

Tina Brubaker will be styling shirts for the ladies on site Friday afternoon for just $11!

Don’t miss it!!!



Great stuff from Shimano, Continental, Selle Italia, Campagnolo, Paul, Berthoud, Fizik, Honjo, SRAM, Alpha Q, Schwalbe, PRO, Giro, Castelli, Chris King, Sock Guy, LOOK, Henry James, frame building tools and more!

Jul 10  |  Mountains

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Cyclists love mountains. They’re beautiful, they’re painful. We seek them out and accept the challenges they throw down in front of us. We conquer them, over and again, each time they rise up and lash out again. Still there is no more peaceful feeling than cruising the tree lines.

We’ve had a number of great shots pop up on Instagram recently from around the globe and I wanted to share a few of them here. Share yours with us #speedvagenSV MT Norway

Svolvaer, Norway via @rolfenlorentzen

SV MT Norway2

Stord, Norway via @speedvagenist

SV MT Utah

The Wasatch in Utah via @utehopkins

SV MT Diablo

Mt. Diablo in California via @msb2tg

SV MT McKenzie2

McKenzie Pass, Oregon

SV MT Japan

Nobeyama, Japan via @ybs_nobeyama

SV MT Italy2

Near Sauris, Italy via @jobunt

SV MT Koppenberg

The Koppenberg via @passioniciclismo

MarkBayer Mt

@markbayer somewhere beautiful.

Jobunt Dolomites

@jobunt in the Dolomites, Italy.

TinaB Mt Bachelor

@earthquaker4 taking in Mt. Bachelor, Oregon.

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